Vertical Console Milling Machine Х5030С with DRO on two axes



This machine is easy to operate, has high precision and rigidity. The machine is suitable for both single and serial production. The gear box of the machine is lubricated by an oil pump, so that the gears are effectively cooled and lubricated.

Guides, lead screw parts and nuts are centrally lubricated by a hand pump, which is very convenient for operation and maintenance. The working table can be moved both by means of a drive and manually in three directions. There is also a fast feed mode. The auto stop function and safety device are designed for forced feeding mode. A safety device in the drive system ensures that the machine will not be damaged when overloaded.

Standard equipment:

  • Tension screw
  • Drill chuck
  • Adapter sleeve
  • Parallel vise
  • Keys

Additional equipment:

  • X/Y digital encoder
  • Universal dividing head
  • Set of clamps (58 pcs.)
  • CE standard electrical equipment
  • Complete set with a push-button device for machine control
  • CE protective device for the operator
  • Electric feed drive
  • Coolant guides
  • Rotary table
  • Milling chuck
  • Drill chuck